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Osram Xenarc 12V 35W HID Kit 4200K

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  • High intensity discharge (HID) headlights are a state of the art innovation. The high brightness of HID lamps gives more light on the road.
  • Overall the safety conditions are improved for night driving.
  • The higher color temperature is closer to daylight compared to standard halogen light bulbs which puts less strain on the viewers' eyes.
  • Our HID Conversion kit has been tested according to automotive reliability tests like waterproofing, high temperature endurance, vibration resistance and other vehicle and driving conditions.
  • Integrated CAN-BUS adapter included to provide compatibility and avoid unnecessary warning signal.


  • Install shall only be made by trained automotive mechanics, electricians and professionals.
  • Switch off all engine and power on the electrical system, disconnect the battery.
  • Replace the halogen bulb with the HID Conversion Kit.
  • Do not force the Xenon bulb into reflector.
  • Ensure that the Xenon bulb does not touch any shielding inside the reflector.
  • Fix the HID Conversion Kit properly.
  • Place harness and the electronic parts away from hot parts.
  • Fix harness and the electronic parts properly.
  • Do not bend the harness in small circles, do not force the harness around sharp corners.
  • After installation, please connect the battery and test the lighting system for proper functions.


  • HID Conversion Kit shall only be installed by trained automotive mechanics, electricians and professionals.
  • HID Conversion Kit uses high voltage and has an ignition voltage of 23kV which can cause severe damage, injury and death under improper handling.
  • HID Conversion Kit must be kept away from other electrical components and systems as well as engine oil or other machine liquids.
  • HID Conversion Kit is not for use in cars with light control units (LCU), engine control units (ECU) or other sensing systems.


  • Do not touch the Xenon bulb on the glass side. Use gloves for the Xenon bulb handling.
  • Avoid any dirt on the outer surface of the bulb.
  • Wear safety glasses during handling of the bulb.
  • Do not Xenon touch the Xenon bulb after operation, the product is hot.
  • Do not touch the electronic system during operation.


HID Conversion Kit may be restricted by local or regional regulations. For off-road use only, not approved for public roads. Not for use in Europe and USA.


Please dispose of any used products according to your local environmental protection regulations.


OSRAM is not liable should the installation be made incorrectly or should the car/ headlamp turn out not to be suitable for operation.